Communication with Doctors and Professional Groups

Pharmaceuticals companies rely on direct communication with doctors – and this is conducted mainly online. Various different information requirements need to be catered for in communication with professional groups and these need to be adequately serviced with wide-ranging service offers.

E-Health is Booming – Including with Professional Groups

Even today, most practising doctors in Germany are so-called "digital natives" who have grown up with digital technologies and naturally look for information in the internet. In addition, discussions and comparing notes with medical colleagues is also continuing to move to the internet. Pharmaceuticals companies must now establish a competitive advantage through the intelligent use of new technologies. We can help you do this.

Our Services

Websites for professional groups and medical communities

We apply the same high standards of function and design to websites and portals aimed at groups of medical professionals that we do to all websites we develop. However, this is added to by our expertise in medical writing and security in communication that conforms with the industry code. We secure product-related content behind a login area. Forum monitoring and content creation complete our offer for a successful professional platform for professional groups.

CME Platforms and E-Detailing

Find your target group where they look for continuing education and information on their clinical indications. We design CME platforms, produce CME courses and e-detailing for medical professionals.

Medical Writing

Our medical writers can assist you to create and distribute content in a targeted fashion. This saves your resources and helps you concentrate on the continued strategic development of your brands. Read more here on our healthcare content marketing services.

Certified Apps

With a medical app that simplifies professional work by doctors, makes essential information accessible more quickly and aggregates and links data, you can create genuine added value for your target groups. As an ISO-certified service provider, we have been approved for development and circulation of medical apps and are hence an experienced and reliable partner for you. Read more here on our offer for developing <link leistungen-kopie-1 professional-services-im-regulierten-umfeld software-entwicklung-als-medizinprodukt>medical software and <link leistungen-kopie-1 professional-services-im-regulierten-umfeld medical-apps>medical-apps.

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