Websites in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Markets

The design-related requirements on websites in the regulated pharmaceuticals and healthcare markets do not initially differ from those of other websites. However, the regulatory requirements require sector-specific professional expertise.

Websites in the healthcare field are subject to special legal conditions. Companies active in the healthcare sector should therefore ensure that the service providers they select are familiar with the standard regulations – as we are at TWT Digital Health. Years of experience have enabled us to develop best practices in order to easily develop and implement challenging, digital projects in the healthcare sector.

Interface Design

We develop modern, user-friendly interfaces with intuitive user-prompting according to your instructions. We work with you very closely during the entire process, from the idea through design to implementation.

In order for your interface design to be successful, we also advise you on website accessibility.

Your Contact Person

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Responsive Design

We give you full advice before implementing a new responsive website. We look at the options for adapting your websites to use by mobile devices and the pros and cons of these solutions?

Multiscreen Strategies

The times of linear media-use have gone for good. Content is consumed simultaneously on different channels which ideally complement each other. The aim of a multi-screen strategy is an imperceptible transition between different applications whose added value is their networking capability.

Besides design-related aspects, adaptive design and multi-screen applications are particularly adapted to the specific interaction options of the various screen surfaces.

Technical Implementation

After the layout has been approved, we carry out the technical implementation of your new website or relaunch. In doing so, we can draw on a large store of experience with various content management systems which enables us to carry out your instructions. If desired, we will be pleased to look after hosting and operate the system.

UX-Design and Usability Testing

In developing our websites and software solutions, the focus is always on the user. This is because user-experience design means recognising and catering to the users' expectations and needs. If the usability of an existing application has to be improved, we must first discover its weak-points.

If desired, we will develop prototypes of the future user interface and enable our clients to coordinate with all parties involved in the project. At this early visualisation stage, we can easily make adjustments. The actual development of the website is then added when all requirements have been implemented on paper and all project partners have a uniform concept of the results.

We also offer full usability tests, both of existing applications and newly-developed prototypes. Our experts monitor these and interview users in your desired target group on these. We then give you a full report with recommended action and suggestions on implementation.