Successful Patient Communication

Forty million people in Germany use the internet to search for health-related information. Pharmaceuticals companies should place their messages where medical debate takes place.

With our expertise and experience, your messages reach the relevant target group through the use of innovative technology.

Websites, Forums and Communities for Patients

The over 40 million German health surfers need an integrated communications strategy. It is only when visitors can find all information they need quickly and easily, it is only if this information is prepared in their language and tone and it is only if visitors recognise immediately how they can use it that they will respond to your offer of an in-depth dialogue. When communicating with professional groups, your message in patient forums should also be suited to your image. This means that your online strategy must be tailored to EVERY target group. You need to be able to think in terms of processes and find each of your clients wherever they are located. We will help you do this!

Medical Software and Medical Apps

For many chronic diseases, the aim of the treatment is to alleviate or stop the progress of the disease and improve the patient's quality of life. Apps for smartphones and tablets can be of considerable help.

There is also a large number of useful applications in the area of therapy. They can remind patients to take their medications, remind them about a check-up or other important matters in coping with the illness. All these measures can improve adherence to therapy. Find out more here about our <link leistungen-kopie-1 professional-services-im-regulierten-umfeld medical-apps>medical apps services.

Social Media Consulting

Exchanging medical and treatment information have long been part of everyday life of patients in social networks. These de-centralised discussions on one's own company are one reason for actively getting to grips with social media but they are also an opportunity for an innovative form of image-building and positioning with users. However, social media involvement should go beyond a mere presence and transport your brand with the right concept and the suitable measures.

Companies in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors are faced with special challenges, such as the obligation to carry out communication in compliance with the German Healthcare Advertising Act and heterogeneous target groups. Patients are interested in completely different subjects on a company and its products than doctors, pharmacists or investors. So you should choose a partner which is experienced in communication under the terms of the German Healthcare Advertising Act, has sufficient resources for observing and evaluating the various platforms and which has the necessary medical competence for moderating dialogues. We can do it!

Content Marketing

Companies in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors are subject to strict and comprehensive legislation and regulations which places restrictions on communication. So at first glance, interesting content marketing appears complicated, which makes many companies uncertain and hence intimidates them. In order to generate even more attention, there are also many legal methods. It is possible to prepare objective information without naming actual product names or medications and to focus on fields such as education, providing information, diagnoses or information. Find out more about <link leistungen-kopie-1 digitale-transformation-in-der-pharmaindustrie digitales-healthcare-marketing healthcare-content-marketing>healthcare content marketing here

Medical Editing

Our medical writers will assist you prepare content and distribute it in a targeted fashion. This will save your resources and will help you concentrate on the further strategic development of your brands.

Forum Monitoring according to UAW

Not a creative but an even more important task. We monitor forum entries for suspected unexpected adverse reactions to medication (UAW), thereby helping you to fulfil your risk management requirements.

If you have any questions on your communications strategy

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Case Study

The safe handling of patient data

Improving treatment adherence while ensuring the secure and dataprotection-compliant storage of patient data is a very special requirement – particularly at a global level.