Technology, education and culture are the main pillars of our modern-day society. As a company, we want to play our part and support diverse cultural activities in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region with ideas and expertise and in implementing these.

Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

The Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof did not take long to become a popular address for events with a very good reputation, both in Germany and internationally. Over 100,000 visitors find their way here every year and greatly enjoy the wide range of events in the various rooms of this former railway station building.

This socio-cultural centre combines theatre, cinema, music and much more under one roof, thus bringing German and international culture closer to a broad public in a very unconventional manner.

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Heidelberger Club für Wirtschaft und Kultur

The Heidelberger Club für Wirtschaft und Kultur e.V. (HCWK) is an independent, non-party and interdisciplinary student initiative at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg. Founded in 1988, the student initiative aims to complement education at universities with practical components and interdisciplinary exchange. To this end the club organises per annual a three day symposium with topics of social relevance. The so-called Heidelberger Symposium includes speechs, panel discussions, colloquiums and workshops. Meanwhile the event becomes an integral part of the academic life in Heidelberg. It provides a significant contribution for a living university culture.

TWT Digital Health supports the symposiums running team since 2016 participating the Heidelberger Halbmarathon.

For its commitment the HCWK was decorated by the initiative "Deutschland - Land der Ideen" as a selected landmark in 2008. 2010 The HCWK was also added in the program "Jugend in Aktion" der Europäischen Union.