Content management and maintenance in the healthcare industry

Health – there is hardly any other topic that so crucially demands serious and proper information. Online information on health is characterized by constant change and relevance. Our customers rely on TWT Digital Health and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to deliver content that has a high degree of complexity on their patient or specialist-group website, without compromising on flexibility.

There is no other topic that gets people researching the Internet more than their own health. Today, more than 70% of online users search the Web for answers when it comes to questions about their health or that of relatives. Understandably, the expectation of information on the Internet is very high – it has to be serious, correct and, naturally, current.

At the same time, increasing competition among companies in the healthcare market is resulting in an increased demand for direct patient,specialist-group and customer communication. Doctors, drug stores, clinics and pharmaceutical companies want to increase their online presence and increase patient loyalty in order to reach their business goals – and this is only possible with credible and relevant content. Herein lies the need for the continual support, maintenance and quality assurance of a company’s Internet presences.

Benefits of Adobe Experience Manager

In addition to the optimization of web content, the functionality of your web presence naturally needs to be monitored and ensured, with regular security updates and backups, and good web development. Adobe Experience Manager achieves these goals with modern software architecture, high scalability and a user-friendly interface. This makes it the ideal solution for businesses wanting to deliver content that has a high degree of complexity without compromising on flexibility.

For a large global pharmaceutical company, TWT Digital Health provides a content management and maintenance service that ensures continual content optimization of their web presence as well as smooth operation. Of course, as a healthcare specialist, TWT Digital Health also takes into account industry-specific requirements, such as healthcare legislation, approval processes and accessibility. "The healthcare market is subject to strict laws and regulations. In addition to industry experience, we bring a certain creative flair as well as in-depth know-how" says Klaus Mueller, CEO of TWT Digital Health.

Our services

For complex web projects, the choice of professional partner for content management and maintenance is especially important. TWT Digital Health operates and manages such projects from top to bottom – from releasing time-critical content updates, developing internal approval processes, monitoring and implementing system updates and backups, to monitoring forums and processing adverse drug reaction (ADR) messages.

The market constantly changes, just like the competition, technology, and customer expectations. The Java-based Experience Manager has recently been completely overhauled and can meet every requirement. Adobe Experience Manager is often used across an entire corporation as a central content management system. Partners are then sought to assist in the implementation and support the teams at local facilities. TWT Digital Health possesses the necessary project experience and competence, even when departments and service providers are located internationally.

According to Christian Bahlinger, Project and Content Manager at TWT Digital Health:

"With our fast responding content management and maintenance team, we are able to ensure the continual relevance and attractiveness of our customers’ websites and to make possible a functional and secure business."

Klaus Mueller, Managing Director of TWT Digital Health, adds:

"As a Enterprise Solution Partner / Community Partner of Adobe for the Adobe Experience Manager, we emphasize our competence as implementation partner for AEM projects at TWT Digital Health."