Content Management and Maintenance (SLA)

The Internet thrives on change and relevance. The same goes for websites. Our support and maintenance teams ensure constant content optimization and the smooth operation of your web presence.

Your market, competition, technologies and customers’ expectations are constantly changing. The Internet thrives on change, innovation and relevance.

Content Maintenance and Optimization

The rapid changes in technology and in your target groups’ requirements imply that their Internet presences need continuous maintenance, support and quality assurance.

In addition to the optimization of web content, the functionality of your web presence naturally needs to be monitored and ensured, with regular security updates and backups, and good web development.

Our responsive content management and maintenance teams ensure the continued relevance and appeal of your website, and provide functional and secure operation.

We operate and maintain your entire e-business projects

  • Maintaining content in your CMS environment
  • Time-critical updates (e.g., press releases)
  • Developing internal approval processes
  • Monitoring and implementing system updates and backups
    (e.g., TYPO3 security updates)
  • Processing customer requests
  • Monitoring forums and processing adverse drug reactions (ADRs)

Content Marketing

Healthcare companies are subject to numerous laws and regulations that restrict their communication with patients and specialist groups. Therefore, interesting content marketing would initially appear to be complicated. Don’t let this deter you. We will show you how efficient content marketing in the healthcare industry could look.

Case Study

Case study: TYPO3 – the TCO champion

There are infinite possibilities with TYPO3 – learn more about the advantages of TYPO3 in website development and operation.


Case Study

Content Management and Maintenance in the Healthcare Industry