TYPO3 Content Management

Scalability, complexity, security and extensions are only some of the determining features of TYPO3. This open-source CMS is modern and sophisticated – just like us as Silver Members.

It is based on PHP, ideal for e-business portals and websites, and has no license fee. The powerful range of functions and the versatility of the interfaces enable the implementation of sophisticated Internet presences. Since TYPO3 CMS is open source, the number of users and installations is not restricted.

TWT Digital Health is a TYPO3 Silver Member

We rely on TYPO3, which is a market leader due to its performance. Our consultants and developers have years of experience and rise to every challenge.

Key features of the system are: multitenant architecture, workflow management, multilingualism, sophisticated rights management, accessibility, and SEO-friendly front-end design. TYPO3 is one of the best known free CMSes and is used mostly in German-speaking countries.

  • Development of TYPO3 websites
  • Development of TYPO3 extensions
  • Design and configuration of complex TYPO3 environments
  • Taking over TYPO3 websites
  • Operation and hosting of TYPO3 websites
  • TYPO3 training for editors and users

Customers such as AbbVie, Thieme Compliance, ADG Pharmacy Software and the Protestant Church administrations in Hesse and Nassau already rely on our years of TYPO3 experience and know-how.


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TYPO3 – the TCO champion

There are infinite possibilities with TYPO3 – learn more about the advantages of TYPO3 in website development and operation.