Database for field service

Complex web applications employing high standards of security can be developed using the Java platform, the Spring Framework and the Hibernate Framework. TWT Digital Health has utilized this technology to implement a highly customized database for an international pharmaceutical company.

Important business processes increasingly require the integration of regional and global data in real time. Ease of use, interpretability, efficiency and control play important roles, particularly when the decentralized use of this data in the field is required. TWT Digital Health has developed an application for an international pharmaceutical company that allows patients with special needs to be better monitored and cared for, and also helps to determine future requirements in production and resource planning.

Specialized medical care is required, for example for mothers and babies, before, during and after the birth. Current medical standards allow for a smooth start in life for most newborn babies, including ones born prematurely. Intensive care makes it possible even for babies born after just 24 weeks to have a realistic chance of survival. Modern nursing methods and constant advances in medicine also play a part.

Comprehensive market research analysis – clearly presented online

In order to get valuable data on the efficacy and safety of these drugs, it is often the case that the field service for market research analysis is required to collect information from hospitals and children’s doctors (pediatricians). Data volume and overlap, data freshness, as well as the number of persons involved created the need in our customer’s relevant department for an electronic solution. The requirement and specification were to completely map the entire analytical process, including the data collection, linking and evaluation, within an Oracle Database. We fulfilled these requirements in close collaboration with the customer.

Patient database with complex user management

The patient database was implemented using the Java platform. The experts from TWT Digital Health were able to quickly connect the Oracle Database with the customer’s existing infrastructure. The business processes were mapped according to the customer’s requirements and a user-friendly interface provided for field representatives and supervisors. Naturally, the various user permissions were incorporated. Relevant key figures can be retrieved based on different criteria, for example, region, time and institution. “After we had drafted the project conceptually, we continually produced click dummies during the fine-tuning phase. Together with our customer, we evaluated, improved and developed them over several stages until all business processes were completely mapped. It was a dynamic collaboration with key users in various departments. This approach proved to be the best. It required technical competence together with tight and experienced project management,” said Marc Jahn, a software developer at TWT Digital Health.

This application is today part of a large application suite used by the pharmaceutical company. A parent portal application, which combines all the applications, and a consistent look and feel guarantee ease of use and facilitate day-to-day work. In addition, single sign-on allows users to access all services that they are authorized to use after only logging in once from their workstation, without the need for repeated logins. Using the navigation bar, switching between individual applications is seamless.

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Marc Jahn, software developer at TWT Digital Health:

"The solution is highly customized and matched exactly to the requirements of our customer. Today the system is still being expanded and maintained by TWT Digital Health in close collaboration with the customer."