thinkforward – the Cross-Media SAS Client Magazine

Nowadays it is important to be accessible everywhere at all times. SAS and TWT Digital Health are putting this requirement into practice. Whether print, online or mobile, the thinkforward magazine fulfils needs and wishes.

Successful corporate publishing is always a combination of communication with professional groups and infotainment, preparing content and optical effects as well as linking up various different channels. Corporate publishing is considered a reliable instrument for building up trust across all sectors of industry. And trust is still a crucial basis for successful business relationships.

That is why corporate publishing makes the crucial difference in fostering image and brand. It is important at this point to develop an unmistakeable identity and to use it to stand out. This is why, in almost all large but increasingly in medium-sized companies, company media are an important subcomponent in integrated communication. At the same time, the more professional the media are, the stronger and the more credible their effect is. SAS, one of the world's largest software developers, knows this too. Together with TWT Digital Health, SAS has created a showcase model of corporate publishing: thinkforward

This customer magazine gives readers themselves a choice. Like the printed edition, it also presents the mobile-optimised online portal and the web-app for the iPad with many exciting real-life stories from all industries, articles on current market events and interviews from research and development. "With us, corporate publishing always covers a mix of various different instruments such as magazines, newsletters, e-journals, microsites or apps. They help a company create its own identity", says Klaus Mueller, managing director of TWT Digital Health.

The print magazine, with its changing cover stories in which the articles throw more light on from different directions, is substantial, up-to-date and optimally linked with the online and mobile editions of thinkforward magazine. For example, you will find links and QR codes which lead directly to more information and downloads at the end of each article.

SAS thinkforward – Up-to-Date, Substantial and Cross-Medial in the Best Sense of the Word

The multi-faceted online portal contains all articles of each current print edition together with additional material and downloads. It also provides additional articles with further information. The "Recommend" functions on Facebook and Twitter, can also send selected articles to other people via social networks.

The web app for the thinkforward magazine also stores the thinkforward editions as a kiosk app. This makes the magazine available at all times and is ideally coordinated for various reading situations.

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