A Paradigm Change – Pharmaceuticals Companies Rely More on Direct Communication

Make sure you obtain a competitive advantage with the intelligent use of new technologies. Do you have a concept and the necessary media competence for this trend? We are your healthcare and communication specialist!

Direct Healthcare Communication Takes Place Online

Do you have a concept and the necessary media competence to score points with an enhanced presence in search machines? Do you have a presence where the medical discussions are taking place – in doctors' and patients' networks, for example? And does your message for communication with professional groups fit your image in patent forums? You need to be able to find all participants where you find them. Doctors visibly question the point of new therapy options and want first-hand information. And pharmacists often have to explain to patients whey they have to sell medications with similar active ingredients instead of familiar products and why the cost of other medications are no longer reimbursed by medical insurers. So, when communicating with professional groups, this need for information has to be adequately satisfied with a wider range of service offers. On the other hand, patients and their families don't just want to hear what other patients or affected parties say, they also eagerly absorb all the information they can find about their illness in forums and blogs.

More Than Technical Networking

In plain language, this means that your online strategy must be tailored to the appropriate target group. Google and social networks are a part of the complex offer that are used to tell your clients about your products and services. But it is more than just technical networking:

  • integrated healthcare communication
  • iPhone, iPad etc. – the internet is going mobile
  • online communications as a component in the marketing mix
  • e-learning – a breath of fresh air for sales force training.

Only if users can find all information quickly and easily, only if information is prepared in their language and tone and only if they recognise directly what benefits users can derive from it will they respond to your offer of an in-depth dialogue. We have worked successfully in healthcare marketing for many years – for "big pharma" and niche suppliers, medical publishers, medical insurance funds and patients' organisations. Together with our network of doctors, trade journalists and media experts, we have the expertise that can help you implement your guidelines. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or an online forum, whether you are looking for an app for your Smartphone while on the go or just as an email newsletter, we use state-of-the-art technologies to get your message to exactly the target group you are aiming at and to make your product even more successful.

Our Services

We support you with integrated communications strategies for different target groups, media, relevant professional medical content and attractive media:

  • patient communication, e.g. websites, communities, forums
  • patient forums
  • forum monitoring in accordance with adverse drug reaction (ADR)
  • communication with professional groups, e.g. e-learning, continuous medical education (CME) e-detailing
  • certified mobile apps
  • specialist medical editing
  • surveys
  • social media advice
  • Facebook page maintenance