Mobile CRM system with customized reporting function

CRM systems are so complex that it is often difficult or impossible to customize them to the specific needs of pharmaceutical field representatives. TWT Digital Health has solved this problem for a customer with customized software that permits custom queries and reports on the basis of the CRM master data.

Rolling out a new CRM system in a global group is a complex process at country level. While the company’s IT justifiably insists on standardized processes, local employees need solutions that are adapted to national legislation and learned work processes. This sounds like a conflict of interest.
This was also our customer’s situation. After changing CRM provider, they established that the analytical capabilities were clearly inflexible. And, since this was a requirement in only one country and appeared to be a threat to upgradability, the option to customize the standard software was discarded.

Data-analysis and reporting tool

They turned to TWT Digital Health with the new requirement to develop a tool that retrieves the data from the new CRM tool and reproduces the analyses of the old system. A list of functions to be implemented was prepared jointly during the project briefing. Within six months, TWT Digital Health developed a combined data-analysis and reporting tool that enables employees to generate reports based on various criteria. Very fine filters allow access to both the general CRM data (such as IMS data) and the specific data that is gathered locally.

This necessitated complex rights management as well as a detailed description of the filter criteria to be implemented. Therefore, TWT Digital Health created a Java-based application with an Oracle database connection that can be administered and extended by the customer themselves. The individual filter operators can be applied separately, even in the list of results. Since the filters can also be stored, shared and exported as Excel files, any number of queries is possible.

Focus on mobile use

Business IT responsible for field service had initially planned for the software to be just an interim solution. However, due to the field representatives’ positive response and the software’s performance (scalable to numbers of records in the seven-digit range), it was decided that it should be a permanent solution. This database application is now part of the customer’s large application suite, to which more modules have been added in the meantime (e.g., to document the distribution of samples). Since all field representatives will be equipped with iPads, TWT Digital Health is working together with the customer on the connectivity of mobile devices.

Project management with relevant expertise is required for such complex projects. "As opposed to other vendors who only start the work once the product specifications have been completed, we frequently develop the requirements with the customer in the course of the project. This reduces the administrative burden and still ensures that nothing in end-user and developer communications falls by the wayside," says Volkan Yavuz, Head of Software Development at TWT Digital Health, explaining this approach.

Application versatility

TWT Digital Health designs and programs the interfaces between CRM and customized software to industry standards, which are completely independent of individual manufacturers and service providers. "As a result, we can interface with any commercially available system," says Yavuz, describing the advantages for customers, and adds: "Thus, many business processes can be implemented digitally (and mobile) and more efficiently." A consistent look and feel, as well as single sign-on also make users’ daily work easier.

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