2019 in Review

Hardly a year has moved the digital health market and us as much as this one. 2019 was full of political initiative and technical innovation. These topics have been particularly influential to us:

Agility - In a Regulated Environment

Our major internal challenge for 2019 was to reconcile agility (a trend issue not just since this year) and the required compliance with standards in the development of software as a medical device. We mastered them and successfully bridged the gap.

Artificial Intelligence

In 2019, machine learning and artificial intelligence finally made their way into the healthcare industry. Nearly every week we could read success stories of new algorithms and their profitable use in the healthcare sector. We have included AI and Regulatory as this year's core topic of our Heidelberger E-Health Day and exchanged views with experts on the specific challenges that exist in the development of AI-based health applications.

Law for Better Healthcare in Germany through Digitalization and Innovation

The law initiative for better healthcare through digitalization and innovation is one of many legislative initiatives for a more digital health care system in Germany. The mandatory connection of pharmacies and hospitals to the telematics infrastructure aims to finally pave the way for the electronic patient file. In addition, video consultation hours should become an everyday reality for patients and the ePrescription should find its way into the German healthcare system. Last but not least, the introduction of the "app on prescription" as a reimbursable digital health application (DiGA) is imminent. 

Exciting Projects

In 2019 we were again able to get to know new companies and customers and master challenging projects with them, while we have been working together with other customers for many years. Yet, we are definitely counting among our highlights of the year:

  • Work on an interactive dashboard for clinicians who want to establish a special treatment procedure.
  • The design and development of an app-based documentation system for skin diseases as a medical device.
  • The development of an application to support and advise on the selection of suitable compression textiles with an integrated ordering function.
  • The development of a compagnion app to increase adherence in the therapy of chronic respiratory diseases.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, we have progressed in many areas. A Consulting Team has been created within the Medical and Regulatory Unit and our consultants supported customers in many projects related to software as a medical device. Our User Experience and Design Team has reinvented itself, inserted itself into the agile structures and is thus at the side of our customers from the first requirement analysis to the final prototype. The Content and Maintenance Team has long since established itself and is growing in line with the increasing demand for comprehensive support for web applications.


Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2020!

Michael Grüterich, Klaus Mueller &
the whole TWT Digital Health - Team
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